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I should be doing a lab. But I don't want to.
I am currently creating a car decal/stencil thingy inspired by There Will Be Blood. I am very indecisive so this is going to take all night. Oh well. Distractions rule me.
  • Listening to: Needle In the Hay - Elliott Smith
  • Reading: Lab results
  • Watching: Daniel Plainview eating air
  • Playing: by myself
  • Eating: ice
  • Drinking: Iced Tizzle
Yeah, I've not posted anything in forever.
However, have no fear!
I am currently working on two top secret projects involving a new favorite show & an old favorite...something and the same new favorite show and a look alike deal.
They should be posted up by the end of this month.
One is looking very cool, especially because I am using photoshop, something i am not to keen with.
So yes.
Expect something...big...
  • Listening to: Fingerbib- Richard D. James
  • Reading: "Pillow Angel Ethics"-Time Magazine
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  • Playing: the procrastination game
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: saliva…

A lovely parody of our favorite vindicator....helping those imprisoned by the conformity of high school. Watch and enjoy!
So she finally made up her mind and left me.
At first I was hurt...then pissed...then enraged...then scared...
And today, I finally decided to get over her, the third day, and break all my mirrors to escape my pain.
I feel much better.

You could say my Daroga helped me very much by telling me there will be times for others to love.

SO sure, Erik will always love Christine...but he gets over it. Sure he will return to her grave with a token, but he moved on...he remained her angel...but not romantically.

She's going to have to face her own decisions...and I will protect her when she wants me to.

I feel fresh and new.
Erik is a horny bastard.

He went to a masquerade party saturday night and all he could think about was making love...and his Christine was no where near...
I have been looking at my life...

I have a Sultana. Strange...but I realized that this is what she was when she called.

She is very exotic, dangerous, and beautiful...and it seems that she wants Erik back.

It is not very straight forward, but she does miss me...we were never romantic, but she has this pull...after all, she did awaken a bit of Erik in me before I knew who Erik was...just a tiny bit, though...

She tells me I give her life when we speak over the seems her's has not been so great without me.

My Christine seems to worry about her is quite intriguing, but nothing to act upon.

Erik loves only one...and she is Christine.
Well, I am in some serious hell as of late.
My mom forced me to tell her my deepest secret...that i am gay and have a girlfriend...and played the biggest guilt trip on me. that was a month ago friday.
now i cannot speak to my love or see her or anything.
its a Phantom's worst nightmare...knowing she is yours but you cannot do anything about it...its worse than Raoul's taking Christines....much worse.
My parents made me see a counselor to try to change me...
but the counselor says that this is God's way...and my parents need to accept that.

I am living in crazy times.

I like to think of it in these terms.

Erik died and recieved a second chance from an unknown force. When he realized that he was alive and felt that his face was flawless, he nearly rejoiced...aside from the fact that he was missing very important parts...and the sultana had nothing to do with it...he also aquired parts he was quite attractive to...adding to the confusion.

Erik found his Christine in a flash, but found that she could not love was against nature and all custom...but then again, hasn't it always been against "nature" and "custom" to love poor Erik?

Well, true love is eternal and Christine fell in love with his new body. She lost all romantic feelings for her Raoul (yes, there really is a Raoul) and things seemed to turn out better than they had...until they were found out and the beast was seperated from the beauty.

So here Erik sits...trapped in a cage...sending notes using his magic...but still unable to find a way to his new body, he has forgotten some of his useful tricks.

Bit of a stretch? maybe.
I have been quite busy helping out with the production of the Senior Class of '05 DVD. This is crazy work...I have been editing since the end of school from 9-7 each day, 5 days a week. The pay? for community service hours... and an awesome project to but on my college applications to UCLA and is my calling...
but enough of that.
I have done "childish" personal music videos of Phantom of the Opera to Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins music.
If you wish to view this, go for it...let me know what you think...

I Will by Radiohead…

Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins…
I met Gerard Butler on April 14, 2005. I got a hug and a beautiful smile. Thats all I will say.
Are you hungry?
Are you sick?
Are you begging for a break?
Are you sweet?
Are you fresh?
Are you strung up by the wrists?
We want the young blood
Are you fracturing?
Are you torn at the seams?
Would you do anything?
Fleabitten motheaten?
We suck young blood
We suck young blood
Woah woah
Won't let the creeping ivy
Won't let the nervous bury me
Our veins are thin
Our rivers poisoned
We want the sweet meat
We want the young blood
by Radiohead
Lets make a long story short.
Cat brain trauma
Cat in vet
Cat cant breath
Cat put down
Cat buried in backyard
Cat has angels guarding
Cat gone = Roxy insane
Roxy calls self by other name
Roxy gets odd looks
Roxy hears voices
Roxy adores spectres of theater houses
And does it ever? Finals next week....the boy I thought liked me is getting back together with his ex... not to mentin we only converse online...I am having artist's block...a bit of writer's block...I am going to die in approx. 51 years.
"...apathy isn't it... so Flower Power didn't work. So what. We start again."- John Lennon